Father’s Shoes

It’s time I offered recognition
For a family tradition,
And so I’ll now invoke the Muse
And write this rhyme on Father’s shoes.

This pair of shoes we have today
Was left when Father passed away,
And Mother went and spread the news
That we could borrow Father’s shoes.

She keeps them in her closet still,
And there they sit unused until
Some youngster has a good excuse
To put those shoes back into use.

And as we go from year to year,
The styles all change, but we’ll still hear
That someone’s son will want to use
That old brown worn out pair of shoes.

At family weddings, we take pride
To shod the groom on Father’s side,
And it’s been said that you can’t lose
If you are wed in Father’s shoes.

Now younger boys all come and stare
At those old shoes they’ll someday wear,
And each has visions as he views
That old beloved pair of shoes.

These lads will often speculate
On when they’ll reach that special date,
And they cannot believe their eyes
That they will grow into that size.

But years will pass and later on,
When feet are grown and boyhood gone,
There’ll be snug fits, and I suppose
Some will stuff paper in the toes,

But when laced up and shined with spit,
You’ll hear them say, “A perfect fit.”
And if they’re asked, they will refuse
To part with that old pair of shoes.

And when my grandsons graduate,
I’m sure on footwear we’ll debate,
But when it’s time for them to choose,
I hope they’ll pick my father’s shoes.